Which Marijuana Strains Should I Order for Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are mental conditions that make people worry intensely about future events and become terrified about current issues. This condition can be so severe that it prevents people from carrying out daily activities and leading a healthy life.

Whether anxiety is in the form of panic attacks that make the person sweat and have irregular heartbeats or social phobias that make them avoid group situations, certain marijuana strains can effectively treat anxiety.

Why Is Marijuana Effective for Treating Anxiety?

Conventional medicine uses several different kinds of drugs to treat anxiety disorders, including serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Zoloft and tranquilizers like Valium. However, many patients don’t respond well to these medications.

One of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in marijuana that is commonly used to treat anxiety is cannabidiol (CBD). Various scientists and researchers have experimented with both animals and humans to test the effectiveness of CBD for anxiety treatment. They have found that CBD has a calming effect on the mind and can be used to treat a variety of anxiety-related ailments, including:

  • Depression
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Social phobia
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Panic disorder

How CBD Helps Treat Anxiety

Taking CBD can relieve frequently reported anxiety symptoms such as fear, worry and acute stress.

In a double-blind study conducted by researchers in Brazil, participants showed a significant reduction in anxiety after taking CBD. To validate the subjective reports of participants, the scientists took some brain scans showing cerebral blood circulation patterns that had an anti-anxiety effect.

In another study to observe the effect of taking CBD on social anxiety disorder, the participants did a public speaking mock test. The reduced anxiety during the test was confirmed by anxiety indicators such as blood pressure and heart rate.

The scientists conducting the study concluded that taking CBD brought about a decrease in anxiety, discomfort in speech and cognitive impairment.

Which Are the Best Cannabis Strains to Treat Anxiety?

Marijuana produces different reactions in people with regards to anxiety relief. For some people, a little puff can give instant relief from worry and other symptoms of anxiety. But others report the exact opposite. So, what’s the cause of these different reactions?

Indica vs Sativa For Anxiety

The most obvious reason is the strain a patient uses to treat anxiety. As noted in our earlier mention of studies related to CBD use for treating anxiety, the concentration of CBD in the strain will influence how the user feels after taking it. While patients should experiment with different strains, the following have already been tested and approved of by others with anxiety.

Anxiety is among the top reasons medical cannabis consumers take interest in the herb.

Calming and euphoric, the plant can make it easy to leave stresses and worries behind and focus on the present.

Or it can help you troubleshoot the problems giving you anxiety in the first place.

In fact, a 2017 survey found that 13 percent of medical cannabis patients preferred the flower to benzodiazepine medications.

The survey included 271 participants, of which a whopping 63 percent reported that they chose the herb over pharmaceutical drugs in general.

However, the relationship between cannabis and anxiety is a complicated one.

Some types of cannabis may worsen or induce anxiety, while others have the opposite effect.

Research has also shown that some people may have a genetic predisposition that causes them to experience more anxiety with cannabis than others.

Further research still has found that low to moderate doses of cannabis may relieve stress, while higher doses tend to be more stress-inducing.

So, how do you find cannabis strains for anxiety?

To help you sort through the data and put science to use, here’s how to find the best strains for anxiety.

Cannabis strains for anxiety

Finding the right strains to fit your individual needs can take some trial and error.

Every person responds differently to the herb and what works for one person may feel disastrous for another.

Unfortunately, the lack of formal research on cannabis in human test subjects means that there is no sure-fire way to tell whether or not an individual strain will be helpful for anxiety.

However, based on the available clinical and preclinical research thus far, it is possible to make an educated guess as to which strains may be most beneficial.

For those searching for the right flower, here are the best cannabis strains for anxiety:

1. Pennywise

cannabis out of bottle
When looking at cannabis strains for anxiety, it’s helpful to know the sample’s terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

With an almost one-to-one ratio of THC to CBD, the Pennywise cannabis strain is a calming indica flower.

The high CBD content in this strain makes it ideal for consumers who would like to explore the benefits of cannabis without an over-the-top intoxicating experience.

Along with CBD, the Pennywise cannabis strain can contain relatively high levels of the terpene aroma molecule, linalool.

Linalool is a sweet and floral-scented flower most abundant in the lavender plant.

In both clinical and rodent trials, inhaled lavender oil which contained high percentages of linalool successfully reduced anxiety and aggressive behavior.

When combined with CBD, some experts speculate that the presence of linalool may increase the anti-anxiety and anticonvulsant effects of the herb.

With potentially high levels of linalool and other calming terpenes, Pennywise is an excellent candidate for an anxiety-reducing strain.

2. Stephen Hawking Kush  

Another high-CBD cultivar, the Stephen Hawking Kush strain is considered a calming indica cross.

This strain frequently produces CBD:THC ratios of 1:1 or greater, providing consumers with a mellow and pleasant experience that doesn’t get out of hand.

Like Pennywise, Stephen Hawking Kush can produce a substantive amount of linalool.

However, this floral-scented strain also features strong notes of sharp limonene and musky myrcene.

These two terpenes together offer a calming, tranquil experience. When combined with CBD, these terpenes are thought to have more pronounced anxiolytic effects.

Unlike THC, CBD tends to have an energizing effect.

While this plant is classified as an indica, a CBD-dominant indica will not be as sedative as many indica strains high in THC.

Stephen Hawking Kush is safe to use during the day.

3. Skywalker OG

cannabis flower close up shot
If you’re unsure about a cannabis strain, always start small with just one or two puffs via inhalation.

While high-THC strains can sometimes exaggerate anxiety, a large portion of consumers find that the psychoactive successfully decreases anxiety and promotes a sense of mindfulness and presence.

Not everyone with anxiety is prone to THC-induced anxiety.

However, your chances of experiencing THC-induced anxiety increase with larger doses of the cannabinoid.

Skywalker OG is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that can feature very high levels of THC.

As such, starting low and going slow with this plant is recommended.

Still, Skywalker OG has tested with high levels of anxiolytic terpenes like limonene, linalool, and bisabolol.

Limonene is an aroma molecule found in citrus fruits.

This terpene is energetic and clear-headed, yet it is also known for its calming nature.

Bisabolol is another floral terpene most abundant in the chamomile flower, thought to be at least in part responsible for the plant’s relaxing and stress-relieving properties.

4. Master Kush

Master Kush is another high-THC indica strain with the unique ability to produce an abundance of calming terpene aroma molecules.

This plant has tested positive for significant amounts of bisabolol, limonene, linalool, and another useful terpene called beta-caryophyllene.

Beta-caryophyllene is a terpene that acts similarly to CBD in the body, potentially making it a useful companion to psychoactive THC.

Often found in black pepper, preclinical research has found that this spicy terpene engages receptors in the body that are implicated in both anxiety and depression.

Naturally anxiolytic, this spicy terpene may provide an extra layer of relaxation to anxiety-prone individuals that respond well to THC.


cannabis strain
CBD-rich strains can be great for enhanced daytime focus.

Sometimes a strain with little to no THC may work best for those who suffer from chronic anxiety.

ACDC is an energizing, high-CBD cannabis strain with a focused vibe.

An excellent morning time flower, this plant is known to express uplifting beta-pinene.

Pinene is one of the most abundant terpenes in the plant kingdom, producing a sharp, pine-like scent and a clear-headed experience.

Yet, the ACDC strain has also tested positive for substantial levels of inspirational limonene and calming bisabolol.

Altogether, these compounds create a plant that provides mental stimulation and anxiety relief at the same time.

While anxiety is often treated with sedatives and tranquilizers, those who respond well to this strain may find that ACDC provides anxiety relief without drowsiness.

Tips for choosing the best cannabis strains for anxiety

As already mentioned, cannabis can have both positive and negative effects when it comes to anxiety.

However, it is possible to find relief with this medicinal herb.

Here are some quick tips that will help you choose the best cannabis strains for anxiety:

1. Try strains with higher levels of CBD

cannabis oil
Don’t be afraid to experiment with THC and CBD if you can.

Especially if you’re just starting out with cannabis therapies, THC can sometimes be aggravating for those with anxiety.

Plus, as THC wears off, some individuals may experience a rebound anxiety that becomes uncomfortable.

CBD is a natural anxiolytic, so opting for strains with 1:1 CBD:THC ratios and above may be beneficial to those with anxiety, regardless of their terpene content.

2. Read testing labels

While the cannabis strains included in this list have been found to test positive for calming, anxiolytic terpenes, every individual sample is different.

For example, some ACDC samples may test positive for high levels of tranquilizing myrcene while others may express more pinene.

Reading the individual test results for the strain you are consuming can help you figure out whether or not a plant actually contains the content that you are seeking.

3. Opt for strains that include specific terpenes

While many of the terpenes found in cannabis have calming properties, some may be more helpful than others.

If you are able to find testing results, here are some terpenes worth considering:

  • Linalool
  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Bisabolol
  • Limonene
  • Nerolidol

4. Dose carefully

cannabis capsule
Get your optimal dosage dialed in for best results with cannabis.

To take from the great Paracelsus, “it’s only the dose that makes the poison.”

Those that either know or are concerned that they will experience greater anxiety with THC or CBD products should always start with the lowest dose possible.

Cannabis has biphasic effects, meaning that just the right amount of the herb may be extremely helpful to an individual.

However, when the dosage is too high, you are more likely to experience negative effects.

One of the most common negative side effects of cannabis is anxiety and paranoia.

Want to avoid feeling lousy with cannabis?

Dose carefully.


We’re guessing you have a lot of major plans this summer. Dancing at a music festival till the sky is purple, taking an epic road trip with friends up the 101 and too many backyard barbecues to count? We’d sure say those are #summergoals.

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9. Kiva Chocolate Bars

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10 Reasons Why Buying Marijuana Online Should be legal in all states

Are you one of the almost 57 million Americans living in a state that’s voting on marijuana legalization this Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016?  Your vote YES may help end the criminality of marijuana for over one out of six Americans, bringing the total to almost one out of four Americans who will live in a legal state.

Here are the ten best reasons to help convince your friends and family to do the right thing and vote YES on legalization:

1)   Legalized Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol and Tobacco

How did we end up in a society where the two most damaging drugs—alcohol and tobacco—are the two legal ones? There are over a half-million deaths annually from those two substances. They also lead to countless illnesses and injuries that affect society in health-care costs, lost productivity, and law-enforcement expenses.

Marijuana is non-toxic and has never caused a fatal overdose in over 7,000 years of recorded human use. Its greatest harm is the arrest, incarceration, and lifelong hurdles created by prohibition. Opponents worry about “putting a third legal drug on the menu,” as if marijuana isn’t already the third-most popular drug used in America. It’s already on the menu; you just have to commit a crime to order it.

2)   Marijuana Prohibition is a Costly Failure

Next year is the 80th anniversary of the Marihuana Tax Act, our first nationwide attempt to suppress pot smoking. Back then, maybe a few hundred thousand people nationwide were “smoking reefers”. Today, it’s more likely than not that someone under age 50 has tried pot and there are over 30 million Americans consuming cannabis on a regular basis—whether it is “on the menu” or not.

The costs of this counter-productive prohibition are staggering. Since President Nixon declared a war on drugs, over 25 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana violations, costing us over $1 trillion to prosecute. But in the four states that have legalized, marijuana arrests have plummeted, crime has decreased, and youth use hasn’t budged.

3)   Marijuana Prohibition Funds Gangs, Cartels, & Terrorists

The drug trade has long been a source of income for organized crime. But now that four states have legalized marijuana; their domestic product is beating imported Mexican marijuana in both price and quality. Mexican farmers growing for the vicious violent drug cartels have seen their returns drop from $100 per kilo to under $25.

Legalization isn’t going to put the cartels out of business—they’re criminals who will turn to other crimes for their funding. But we can take from them the market for the most widely-used drug and shrink their customer base substantially.

Heres another way to look at it: Why should we continue to give business opportunities to violent criminals who don’t pay taxes and follow no regulations?

4)   Marijuana Prohibition Hurts Youth & Minorities Most

America is coming to grips with institutional racism in our criminal-justice system. Marijuana prohibition has been a prime factor in fueling that racism. African-Americans are four times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana violations, even though they use and sell marijuana at about the same rates.

Marijuana prohibition sets up an incentive for police to make easy arrests and reap forfeiture and drug grant dollars. This, in turn, leads police to concentrate on minority neighborhoods where pot smokers are more easily caught and have fewer resources to fight the charges. This contributes to the cycle of distrust between minority communities and the police. Legalization won’t fix bad racist cops, but it will provide them far less opportunity to act on their racism.

5)   Legalized Marijuana Protects Kids Better Than Prohibition

For the past forty years, the Monitoring the Future survey has asked high school seniors how easy it would be for them to get a bag of pot. For forty years, the answer has consistently been between 80 to 91 percent of them claiming access to marijuana was either “easy” or “fairly easy.” That’s because weed dealers don’t check ID and don’t lose a license if they’re caught selling to a kid.

Nothing’s ever going to stop a determined kid from finding a joint, any more than kids today aren’t completely stopped from accessing alcohol and tobacco. But with those drugs, somewhere along the line a corrupt adult had to be involved. Now, kids sell weed to other kids. Legalization moves weed sales into secure, adults-only stores and reduces the profit potential for illegal sales. (When’s the last time you saw a high school tequila dealer?) Last year, with four legalized states, was the first year ever that “easy” access to weed for 12th graders dropped below 80 percent.

6)   Legalized Marijuana is a Safe Therapeutic Supplement

While half the states have initiated protections for medical use of marijuana, that doesn’t legalize the use of marijuana by patients. Even in California, where nearly anybody can get a medical marijuana recommendation and possession of less than an ounce is just a $100 ticket, there are still over 2,000 people a year who go to jail for marijuana alone, serving an average of over five months in a cage.

That’s because doctor’s visits and medical cards cost money; it costs upwards of $400 in some states to qualify and register for a medical marijuana card. Why should a disabled person in poverty or a sick person suffering a condition not covered by law be treated as a criminal for using an herb safer than over-the-counter aspirin or cough syrup?

7)   Legalized Marijuana Replaces Toxic, Addictive Pharmaceuticals

America is suffering from an opioid overdose epidemic. Legal pharmaceutical drugs kill more people annually than all illegal drugs combined. Marijuana is an herb one can grow at little cost and use to replace over 17 popular pharmaceutical medications. Legalizing marijuana will literally save the lives of countless patients.

The pharmaceutical industry knows this. That’s why Big Pharma has been funding anti-pot campaigns. This election, one of them, Insys Pharmaceuticals, has donated a half-million dollars to defeat legalization in Arizona. They’re a maker of Fentanyl, the opioid painkiller that took Prince’s life and is 100 times more powerful that heroin, and are seeking patents on synthetic cannabinoid drugs they’re researching.

8)   Legalized Marijuana Opens the Possibilities of Industrial Hemp

The demonization of marijuana is so entrenched in America that we even ban the non-psychoactive variety known as industrial hemp. We are one of the few countries in the world engaged in the lunacy of banning a plant because it looks like one that gets you high.

It’s a little like banning powdered sugar because it resembles cocaine!

While many states have passed laws allowing for industrial hemp cultivation and the federal government has passed laws allowing that to happen, these are all work-arounds for a crop that our Founding Fathers grew freely and copiously. Marijuana legalization will help open up the uses of hemp from food to fuel, fiber to medicine, building material to revolutionary energy technologies and more.

9)   Legalized Marijuana Raises Millions in New Tax Revenue

Legalization doesn’t invent marijuana; it just recognizes that it is a popular commodity that should be taxed and regulated like all other commodities. The market for marijuana is never going to go away; we can only determine who controls most of it—taxpaying, job-creating, law-abiding businesses, or murderous, police-corrupting, criminal cartels.

Prohibition doesn’t control marijuana—prohibition is the absence of control. States under prohibition gain nothing from it and spend money, time, and resources enforcing it. The four states that have legalized marijuana have already reaped over $200 million in combined tax revenue, while saving money in the police department, courts, prisons, parole and probation offices, and other agencies that are burdened by pot prosecutions.

10)         Legalized Marijuana Works!

It’s not 2009 anymore. Legalization of marijuana isn’t some hypothetical policy proposal—we’ve done it already in four other states. We had some initial difficulties concerning kids and edibles, but those have been addressed through education, labeling, and packaging changes the newly-legalizing states will adopt as well. Meanwhile, the older folks that legalization was intended for have increased their use substantially.

But despite putting legal marijuana “on the menu,” the roads are safer than ever, overall driving fatalities are down, workplace productivity is up, problematic dependence on marijuana is unchanged, and millions of dollars in tax revenue are rolling in. In Colorado alone, legalization has created over 18,000 jobs and contributed over $2.5 billion to the state economy.